Web Development

Web Development isn't what it should be.

Most Web Developers don't really develop. They use common frameworks to achieve common scenarios for common customers. When scale, skill, or imagination is required, many web developers end up stuck in the straightjacket of their toolkit, and compelled to change customer wants because of the limits of their capabilities.

At Start-Automating, we make the web language. PowerShell Pipeworks is an amazing tool we have developed to help put together the wonders of the web into compelling sites and software services. We love helping people create cool, compelling, and creative online experiences, and we pride ourselves on being able achieve this level of quality very quickly and very cheaply.

We believe most sites fall into three simple categories, and provide three predictable prices for most web development:

Personalized Pages ($100)
A personalized page is primarily non-interactive content with simple interactivity (for instance, a contact form). Most personalized pages can be turned around in under a week. Please tell us some about your business to get started.
Powerful Pages ($1000)
A Powerful page is a web site with complex customer interaction. We can turn around most Powerful Pages in two weeks. To get started, please tell us what you need.

Software Services ($10000)
A software service is a set of automated capabilities, often designed to generate income. We can create most software services on spec in around a month. Tell us more about the service you want to build in order to get started

If you'd like to talk more about your web development project, or learn how Start-Automating automates the process of creating a software service, please Contact Us.