Flexible Frameworks

Flexible Frameworks are Few are Far Between.

A flexible framework can make a project fast and fulfilling. An unforgiving framework can lead to endless frustration.

Framework development is an incredibly subtle science. Good frameworks are easy to extend, fleet on footprint, and amazingly well architected. They often allow anyone and everyone in an organization optimize the way things are done. They are capable of being customized, and are concentrated on cutting down the cost and complexity of the tasks you want to tackle.

We've forged a few frameworks at Start-Automating, and have made many more for customers. Here are some of our flexible and free-to-use frameworks:

We've also built several frameworks that are used every day at the largest software company on earth, Microsoft:

Frankly, we find that framework building can be a lot of fun. We love a challenge. Contact Us to communicate your challenges: We'l see if a flexible framework might help make them extremely easy.