Systems Administration

Start-Automating can significantly simplify your system administration story.

As the premiere PowerShell professionals we are able considerably more capable than your average company when it comes to automating any systems administration. We love building automated tools to help any administration action a lot easier to accomplish.

Start-Automating started out of this passion: the founder worked on the WMI team, the Task Scheduler Team, and the PowerShell team at Microsoft, and developed a personal reputation for providing powerful tools. This reputation continued to grow within Microsoft: We built tools tackle bug triage, send out status updates, track complex changes across Windows, and we helped re-engineer the way that Windows itself is built every day.

This passion became a calling: To help anyone and everyone automate away their annoyances.

We've since helped many clients millions of man-hours by helping them to Start-Automating. Our automation helps ensure that top-tier software services like Office365 stay up and running every day. We can tie together everything and anything in the Windows ecosystem. Please contact us about what administration challanges you face, and how we can save you time and money by automating your administration.