Start-Automating is a very cloud-centric company.

We think Azure is absolutely amazing, and use it in almost all the automation we build.

We can help you understand the cloud space if you're just getting started. We can help you understand the benefits of using cloud architecture and help save you time and money while operating your Azure instance.

Here are a few cool ways we've automated Azure:

Pipeworks is a web platform that connects to various cloud services. It includes free cmdlets that let you interact with Table Storage and SQL Azure, and Azure Package Authoring tools to create massively multi-tenant Azure deployments

We have maximized the efficiency of an Azure deployment. We currently host over 50 services and 100 domains on a single Azure instance, and can help you achieve the same level of efficiency. We build out all of our software services every 12 hours and automatically deploy them to Azure. We can help your product lifecycle become more lean by automating your build and deployment.

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