Intranet Development

Start-Automating specializes in creating integrated intranet experiences in next to no time flat.

We can do this well because Windows is the way of the workplace. PowerShell powers Windows, and we power PowerShell.
Almost everything you automate in a workplace has to be made easy to use for everyone in the company (and no one outside of the company). This almost always means the development of an Intranet application.

As experienced automators, we know more than most the importance of providing ease around your automation. We also know how hard it can be to integrate anything in a Windows intranet when you're building an Intranet web application atop a language that loves Linux a little more, like PHP or Perl. The combination of these two needs led us to build PowerShell Pipeworks, a powerful web language built atop PowerShell. We've built Intranet solutions from the small button to check on a server to the big infrastructure that helps keep large software services like Office365 up and running.

We build a web framework, PowerShell Pipeworks that seamlessly integrates with Windows PowerShell, the linga franca for internal administration. This lets us save tons of time and money that would be spent forcing most web technologies to work with Windows administration technologies.

Pipeworks is a powerful tool for powering up any site, and it's a potent part of any Intranet experience. We've built incredibly integrated intranet experiences atop Pipeworks, including powerful web front ends that keep state of the art software services such as Office365 up and running. Our framework is free to use, and provides seamless Intranet authentication using active directory, small workgroups, and LiveID. This lets us provide you a secure intranet experience, no matter what the size or shape of your IT department looks like.

Please contact us to talk about how we can integrate your business with an intranet site.